Construction SEO for Contractors

Look, I know that as a contractor, you need a steady stream of new customers. Of course it would be nice if you could keep busy and even grow your business just on recommendations from friends, family, and previous customers, but most businesses don’t get enough referrals.So, what is the next best thing to referrals? Getting new leads, quotes and customers from your website. Now, on it’s own your website won’t do much for you because the people that need to hire a contractor right now never even get to see your website.

What you need to do is optimize your website so that it will be found in Google by the people that are searching for your service. This is called online marketing, also known as SEO which stands for search engine optimization.
We all use the term “Google it” every time we need information or to find a service. Almost everyone is walking around with an Iphone or Android phone and they use those to go on Google and get what they need at that moment. So, if they want a quote for a new roof, and you are a roofer, you want them to find you on the first page of Google. These are people that want a quote right now and are in a buying mood.

Sending out flyers in the mail, or paying for a bus bench could get you some business but it is kind of a shotgun approach to marketing which can get very expensive.

So to recap, with the exception of referrals, nothing beats getting leads from your website when it is found in Google by people searching for your service. This works for any type of contractor whether you are a handyman, roofer, siding guy, basement development, renovations, etc, etc

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