Laser Hair Removal

At Paradise Online Marketing we understand the needs of a laser hair removal clinic in Canada.

We know that you need a steady flow of new clients coming into your business to keep the phone ringing and pay the bills. Some local businesses like dentists start to accumulate enough repeat business over time so that they don’t need as many new clients. If you think about it, almost everyone gets their teeth cleaned at least once a year, and they usually go to the same place every time. Most of these people are also covered through their benefits plans at work so it doesn’t cost them much out of their own pocket.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way with laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation clinics. Once you have successfully treated the problem area, the client may never come back. Even if they are extremely happy with your service, they may not have any reason to return. They may tell their friends about your great work, and referrals are the best kind of new client, but you probably won’t get enough of them to keep you busy. Next to referrals, the best way to get new clients is through the internet.

Paradise Online Marketing gets your website on the first page of Google where there are hundreds of people looking for hair removal services or skin rejuvenation every month. People that make the effort to go to a search engine to search for a service are  in a serious buying mode – they want to take action right now. Because of this, when you have a first page Google listing, you will get a lot of phone calls from people wanting to make an appointment.

Paradise Online Marketing has a lot of experience working with other laser hair removal clinics, so we know what it takes to rank your website. This requires some subtle tweaking of the content of your website, but most of it involves actions we take away from the website. Things like getting other websites to link to your website, and getting your website mentioned and shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

We also make sure that your website is mobile friendly. This means that your website looks good and can be read on an Iphone or smart phone without zooming in. Google has recently stated that you must have a mobile friendly website to be eligible to appear in the search results for a mobile device. So, if your website does not qualify as “mobile friendly” you cannot be on the first page. This is particularly important for laser hair removal websites because many of the people searching for those services are fairly young and do most of their searching on their phones.

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