Keeping up with social media

We have all heard that local businesses need to be using social media to keep in touch with their customers and  prospective clients, but that takes a lot of time. Who can keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and now Pinterest? First you have to think of something to say, which could take a lot of time, then you have to actually find the time to post your information on each of these social networks while getting the appropriate links back to your website.

Well with coming up with something to say, you can just link to a blog post you recently did on your website. Another thing to do is to link to a news story that is related to your business. You could post some kind of feel good picture that has a famous quote from Einstein or someone like that. To try and get your post to go viral and get lots of shares from your fans, you could post a meme, which is a funny caption on a picture – usually a cat or some other animal. There are meme generators that you can use for free on the internet.

Finding the time to post these updates is the easy part. You could just schedule a slot in your daytimer , or you can use a service like Hootsuite which will allow you to schedule your posts as much as a month in advance. If you don’t want to go that far, you can link your Facebook account to your Twitter account so that whenever you post on Facebook, it will go out on Twitter as well.

It can seem like a pain, but you do need to be active on these social networks, especially in the future. Google is using social signals as a ranking factor, so although it is not absolutely necessary for local businesses to do this now, it will be in the near future. So, you might as well get used to it and jump in now.