Who is getting your customers?

There could be thousands of people looking for your product or services online every month. We can show a tool you can use to see which keywords or search terms you should be going after. For example if you have a flower shop, you might want to show up on page one of Google for the keyword “Calgary Flowers” because there are a lot of people typing that exact keyword into Google each month. There are about half as many typing “Calgary flower shops” into Google each month.

The businesses that are showing up on page one of Google for those keywords, will be getting all of the phone calls and walkin traffic, while your website will be stuck back on Page 6 or page 10 where no one will ever see it.

Find out how you can get these potential customers instead of your competition by going to be found in search

Posted on January 24, 2011 at 3:09 pm

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