Why Choose Us?

This is online marketing we are talking about, so we don’t need a physical location. We telecommute from our homes in Calgary, where we communicate with each other through Google hangouts or skype.

 What sets us apart from every other SEO agency?

Proof of Results

We show you live examples of how we are helping other businesses in Canada with their online marketing. We can even give you the phone numbers of some of our happy clients so you can call them yourself to verify that they are benefitting from our services.

No Contracts

Since we are so confident in our abilities, we do not require any contracts, so you can cancel our services any time without any penalties. We know you will be very happy with the results we get for your company and will want to continue our relationship for the long term.


As we have already mentioned, we have a very low cost structure, so we have created a win – win situation where we make money and you make a lot more money than you were making before you partnered with us. You will never be wondering “is this worth the monthly cost?”

Fantastic ROI

return on investment for seoOnce your business is ranking on the first page of Google for your best keywords, you will notice an increase in phone calls, and emails from people wanting to hire your company for your services. Many of our clients have been with us for years because search engine optimization (SEO) gets them an outstanding ROI on their marketing investment. 

With the exception of referrals from friends, family, and previous happy customers, online marketing is the very best form of advertising because the people that are searching for your product or service on Google are motivated buyers. They have decided they needed more information about a service or product and are more likely to take action while they are thinking about it.

Responsive and Accessible

If you are in Alberta, we can meet you face to face at a Starbucks or your office. We bring our computer and walk you through the entire process. We explain why it would be beneficial for your business website to be found on the first page of Google and how we can make that happen for you. Once you are working with us, we answer our phones and respond to emails promptly.

Call us at 403-922-1451 or send us a message






Posted on January 24, 2011 at 3:07 pm

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